3D Point Cloud Annotation

In this section, We have added some examples to understand how to create an 3D point cloud annotation job and export the results once the job has been labeled.

There are two types of point cloud annotation tasks supported in GT Studio:

  1. 3D Bounding Box: 3D bounding boxes on point clouds + projected cuboids on image

  2. 2D-3D Linking: 3D bounding boxes on point clouds + linked 2D bounding boxes on images

GT Studio supports multi-sensor setups, i.e. where you have a point cloud along with images from multiple cameras. If you provide calibration information (poses of each sensor and camera intrinsic), the tool will automatically project annotations from the 3D space to the cameras.

We support 3D point cloud annotations in our enterprise plan as a fully managed service offering. Please contact us if you are interested in 3D point cloud annotations.

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